Origins of The Red Room

Originally my Red Room stories started off as part of this thing my friends and I used to do when we were bored at work, called ‘Groupie Tales’. We would take famous people and then make up stories from the POV of a groupie being interviewed by a radio/tv host about their, ahem, ‘time’ together. Explicit and hilarious – we have some good imaginations. All of the stories we made up were done over IM’s chats, emails and hidden backyards of other people/companies blogs. Hey if they were going to build it for us, we were going to use it. You’d be surprised how many websites of famous bloggers are willing to allow popular commenters (like we were) to do what we do because it drove a lot of traffic to their sites. Had we thought about it at the time, we would have charged them a fee for using our work. One of them, well two of them have quite the big brands now.

I decided to continue these stories but not using famous people or groupies but just people I see in real life, on the street. I’m a people watcher. I see people walking down the street and then make up backstories about who they are, what they do, etc. When in the mood, I’m gonna make up and write stories that might get a little erotic, and if they do then I haven’t lost my touch. We’ll see how it goes.