Not a Single Thank You

There are times when you do things for people, things so big that they are life altering and they may not even know how you saved them – and not a single thank you comes from them.

Sometimes you don’t do these things for the thank you, you do them because at the end of the day it’s just the right thing to do. I saved someone (more than once) from facing a serious legal matter that would have publicly embarrassed them, ruined their career and left them destitute. Not a single thank you was uttered, written, sent via a pigeon in a smoke signal.

I think some people are so self-absorbed and only concerned with their well-being, that they never see the trees in the forest. Lord help them, when people stop being kind to them.

If by chance I didn’t stop what I think I stopped, I won’t stand in the way of the consequence happening if it comes up again. Nope. I sure won’t.


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