Ding dong (you know the tune)

“Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead”

In this case the wicked witch is a man, and he is more than a witch he’s a b*tch, a full grown b*tch.  I cannot say how elated I am that the is leaving my life and I no longer have to have any interaction with him. If I had any more interaction with him, I would be tempted to do some physical damage to him.

He’s a bully, he’s unprofessional, a dictator, a coward, and a misogynistic sexual harasser (of many women, so I am told). The most gleeful part was when he was told he was kicked off the board, and a few hours later he sent an email declining to stay on the board. LMAO…  you were kicked off. Your email does nothing, you can’t even save face with it. lol.



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