OMGosh… nope, no and nah

I promise this seems to only happen to me, but it can’t, it has to happen to other women too, right?

I was putting gas in my car yesterday and after I finished and was in my car about to pull off, my eye caught the guy in the bay next to me. He motioned and I wasn’t sure why so I rolled down my window (my 1st mistake), the following conversation took place (replying – my mistake #2)

Him: Smile, you need to smile

Me (in my head): GTFOH, really!?! That’s what you wanted to say.

Me (actually words): Thanks but I’m good.

Him: Don’t you smile for your husband? What makes you smile? I bet if I took you out you’d smile?
Ummm, for real this is how you begin a conversation to ask someone out – where they do that at? Apparently somewhere near Phillyland.

Me: No thanks, I’m good.

Me (in my head): Do you not realize that you look like your 60 and I can’t even tell if you have teeth. It doesn’t look like you do. Shiny SUV’s don’t impress anyone, this isn’t 1998 or maybe 2002 when that might have worked on an 18 yr old high school drop out – which isn’t me. And I could probably put a drink on ya belly and not have it spill.

Him: You must be coming from work, what do you do, it must be serious.

Me: Yup….(as I roll up my window and pull off, I add) I’m leaving stop talking now


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