Thanks for nothing Spotify

I’m sitting here at work and tears suddenly started falling. Just a little overwhelmed by emotion I guess. Two songs came on back to back and reminded me of 2 different people that I gave a large part of my time and self to. Both are still in my life but under different circumstances and situations than originally imagined. Both still and will probably always have a special place in my heart, for vastly different reasons.

Anyway, dang you Spotify for making me cry. At this point I can only assume they are happy tears because I’m not sad nor do I regret how my relationships changed to what they currently are with each of them. It all worked out how God intended.

Maybe I’ll post later in a little more detail why “Right Here Waiting” by Monica ft. 112 and “Tender Kisses” by Tracie Spencer brought some good and not so good, but mainly good memories flooding back.




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