The Lemons part two

hope you’re still sitting down… part 2 of The Lemons


WAIT. DID YOU READ PART ONE OF “the lemons”? If not, you should .


Taraji: How the FUCK you just come out here alive and then turn around and walk back in

Prince: Its simple. Watch.

*Prince slowly does a 180 and strolls back into the house*

Jay: I think Ava is having a heart attack

Ava: No I-I ju-I-Im ju-I

Ava: I was cumming I’m sorry

Taraji: Just…

*She darts her eyes at Bey*

Taraji: Bitch, explain

Bey: Beg your pardon

Taraji: I’m sorry

Taraji: Bitch, please explain

Mama T: Please

Bey: That’s for him to explain

Taraji: Well Queen of Dragging Me Into Bullshit, may I follow him into the house?

Bey: He lives in the underground complex, so good luck finding him

Solo: What’s going on? What if TMZ or somebody gets a picture of this?

Jay: They stopped trying to get past the komodo dragons years…

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