You don’t say

Picture it: Phillyland 2016 and I’m walking down the street going to the bank. I’m having a good hair day, the wind is minimal (cause you know wind will take all the bawdy out of hair left down), and why does this man, who could easily be my dad cross the street in the middle of traffic to tell me “you look good today” and as I slightly turn my head to look at him, I started to say thank you when he tripped. Did I mention that I was looking pretty good and my outfit might have been on fleek for jeans, sneakers and a fitted sweater, that might just have maybe showed off what might be a great looking round behind. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably so.

Moral of the story: sometimes crossing the street to tell girls they’re pretty might get you hurt. LOL.

At least a car didn’t hit him. ha ha ha.


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