Thank them genes for them jeans

I did a little volunteering today and taught a class of teenagers about budgeting and the basics of the banking and financial system, and just my luck (not really) there was one kid, a boy who just had to show how funny and clever he was to the rest of the class. Every time I asked what they wanted to do with the money they were going to be earning this summer from jobs, his response was “buy you a ring”. Now in my head, my thoughts were:

“Lil boy, please. You wouldn’t know the first thing about handling me”

“I’m old enough to be ya mama”

“Ugh. This is why I dislike working with boys of this age.”

“For real son? I mean seriously, for real son – you think so?”

The other thoughts I had were, this is why I shouldn’t wear jeans when I do these things, I look younger than what I am and kids are dumb.I don’t know if this is odd, ironic or whatever, but I tend to get young bucks or old men hitting on me. As if they can’t tell my age or maybe they just don’t care.

But the real thought after the workshop today was ‘thank you mama for the genes that make these jeans look good’.


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