Cupcakes and goodnite

I got home from work late last night (around 8:30pm), and I was tired, yet my day wasn’t done. I had emails, endless emails to answer for my community group. The community group that has been a large source of my frustration since late January. I was busy answering emails when I got a  call from potential bae. He asked how my day was, and as I was telling him about the stupid co-workers I have, and the moronic “bosses” (no one is really my boss, I just let people think they are) couldn’t make a logical decision on how to get out of an open paper bag. Anyway, about 30 minutes into our call, there was a knock on my door. I ignored it. I tend to not answer the door unless I’m expecting someone or I just happen to be in a really good mood. The person knocked again, this time pretty hard and loud. Potential bae (PB) asked if I needed to put him on hold to answer it and I said, no, it’s late. Anyone who knows me isn’t knocking this late. So the person knocked for a 3rd time and I finally answered because now I was annoyed.

Low and behold what do my eyes see, but PB standing on my porch with dessert. He said he just wanted to spend some time with me, even if it meant eating dessert while he watched tv and I worked.

I let him in and I ate 2 cupcakes and I was happy (food, especially dessert is a source of my happiness). I stopped working shortly thereafter and just sat there talking to PB. It got late. Normally, I would have sent him home because I wake up early for work, but this time I asked if he wanted to stay. So he stayed and I fell asleep next to someone who drove 30 minutes just so I could have cupcakes. And all we did was sleep.

sweet dream cupcakes


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