Might, Maybe and We’ll See

I was texting former former bae yesterday about some business issue he wanted my help with. As always, he waited until the less minute to ask me to review some legal documents and help him create an agreement for a potential business partner. As I gingerly agreed to help (because we all know that I have time to add in something else to the other 18 hours of the day that I’m busy with work and my already too many side projects, but that’s another story) I told him that he would have to name his first born child after me and he better hope it’s a girl.

My text: …Also, are you aware that you will someday be naming your first born (hope it’s a girl) after me  🙂

His reply was: I just might…

My text: Remember you said it ’cause I’ll hold you to it

His reply: I just “MIGHT”

My text: When you say maybe, we’ll see, might or anything similar I interpret that as a yes. And you never tell me no.

So there you have it, there will be another me in the world (even if just by name), and perhaps she (I really hope his first born is a girl) will also make him want to scream and laugh at the most random things. I’ll leave a legacy one way or another. ha ha ha




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