This too shall pass

You ever wake up and just know that things are going to be ok. You may not know how, but you just know that the questions and worries that you went to bed with the night before are going to be answered and you don’t feel the burden of them anymore? Well, that’s the feeling I had when I woke up today. And the sense of relief and peace that had long eluded me seemed to be coming to me. I didn’t dread getting out of bed and seeing what was in my emails. I didn’t dread going into the office and taking care of business. In fact I kind of hopped out of bed and jumped on a few emails and got them out of the way and felt accomplished even before the day had really begun. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to turn my burdens over to the Lord and trust Him to carry me and them. I’m learning it’s a process, and not one that I am likely to master anytime soon, and that’s ok. I’m a work in progress and He understands that. I hope that next time, my night won’t be so dark and last so long before the dawn arrives.

Sometimes it really is darkest before the dawn.

Thank you Yolanda Adams, “This Too Shall Pass”:

” The Father knows the tears you cry before they fall
He feels your pain, His heart and yours are one
The Father knows that sorrow’s heavy chains are strong
But with His strength, you’ll overcome”


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