Brunch at Sabrina’s…

There was a little hiccup with potential bae earlier this week. He said we weren’t a good fit, nothing much more than that. I was sad a little bit but I didn’t cry, maybe it’s because I don’t really have strong feelings for him. A few days later and here we were having Sunday morning brunch and he was apologizing, and explaining that I overwhelmed him and he wasn’t sure if he could keep up with all that I have going on. We had a good talk. I’m far from perfect and yes now is a busy time for me, but he’s going to try to adjust. I won’t be this busy forever or too much longer. I’m going to listen to the advice of another friend and say “no” a lot more and make sure I am saying “yes” to the things that really matter, the things that make me happy and will lead to joy.

Time will tell how we progress. But it’s good to have a friendly voice at the other end of the line and sometimes waiting on your porch for you.

Also, Sabrina’s Cafe has a great brunch.


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