I wanna know what crack is like…

Any conversation that includes that line is going to be a fantastic trip into the bizarre,  as are many of my conversations with former former bae (2 baes ago). Former former bae has a knack for the random and when I say random, I mean not even my out of left field random comes close to his random.

His random makes for lines like this to not really be random with him. Even now when I talk to former former bae, he’ll say things similar to “I want to know what crack is like” (which was said in a conversation when he was bae, before he was former) and what he meant by that was he wants to know being on crack feels like. But he would never do crack. This I know for sure. Former former bae is quite particular about what he puts into his body, being the former athlete that he is.

Anyway, we were driving down the street and where we were going doesn’t even matter, but in the middle of conversation, he says “I wanna know what crack is like”. And without skipping a beat I said back to him “why?”. I really didn’t need an explanation because is there ever a good reason to want to try crack? Yet, I asked and thus began a 15 minute conversation about drugs and why some are illegal and some aren’t and the role of the government in the crack epidemic.

By the way, the answer I got to my question was “just so see what it’s like”.


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