Friend Request

I’m sure lots of people have had this happen, so I don’t for one second think my experiences are unique. Some of them are kind of funny though. Some not so much.

Today I’m sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon watching the Lakers get all in the grill of the Warriors (and surprise surprise, the Lakers lead going into the 4th qtr.) and I see I have a new friend request on Facebook. Yes, I still use Facebook (and twitter too). It’s useful when I want to share stories with a small but close group of friends, in our private group we created on there.  Anyway, I get a friend request from some man that has no friends in common with me. I’m pretty sure he’s not even in any public or semi public groups I’m in. I can see that he is an older man, probably in his mid 50s with a growing belly. His profile picture reminded me of Telly Savalas (google him). Seriously just like him. His friend request got deleted.

This brings me to the other 20 or so friend requests that I have left pending for the past 6 months or so. I’m pretty sure I don’t know any of the pending requests, yet some of them do have friends in common with me, but I’m pretty sure I still don’t know them.


I’m reminded of a friend request from about 4 years ago. Again, some dude that I did know or remember. I ignored his request. He sent me a message through the chat feature. I ignored his message. He sent another message. I finally responded  2 weeks later and said I didn’t know him. He replied that he knew me from xxxxxxx a place I used to live. My creeper alert started going off. I racked my brain for a good 2 hours trying to remember this dude and trying to place him somewhere in my past. It did not work. I ignored his friend request. He sent a 3rd, 4th and 5th message asking if I was going to accept his request – obviously not dude. I’ve ignored you for at least a month and haven’t accepted what makes you think your stalker messages are going to change my mind. I finally responded and told him I didn’t remember him. Message 6-8, he still asks about the waiting friend request. I don’t reply. He finally goes away – or so I thought. He sends me another message about 18 months later, asking if I’m still ignoring him. Yes, I’m still ignoring you!!. Message 10, he asks why am I being mean. Maybe because you give off a creepy stalker vibe. Suddenly, I remember who he is, and I laugh. I didn’t like you back then, even though I dated your friend. (Who knew friends of people you once dated for a hot second stalk you and get mad when you won’t accept a friend request). I ignore him and I block him.

Fast forward to today, I browse the many pending friend requests and wonder, what makes people send a friend request to someone they don’t know, someone they’ve never interacted with (IRL or via social media), someone they may or may not have another friend in common with? Surprisingly, not all of the pending friend requests are from males, a few are from women. The ones from women creep me out a little less than the ones from men/boys. Some of the ones from men/boys I assume are because they just like having a lot of women as “friends”, some I assume might even think I’m cute from my profile picture (oddly enough someone recently told me that my profile picture basically looked like I was saying “fuck with me at your own risk”, I’m still not sure how to take that). No matter the reason, I find random friend requests, especially from men, old men, old men who appear to have nothing in common with me, old men who look lonely (dang it, why must I look young, welcoming and nice – contrary to what the other guy said), and random requests from young men, who probably think I am closer to 18-24 (nope, not so much), and might even be a thot (double meaning and intentionally spelling – do I get 10 points for that?) they can kick it with. Nope. No sir. If I’m gonna Netflix and chill, it’s not gonna be with anyone that falls in the random facebook friend request category.

Also, I hope the Lakers can pull out this win. I dislike the Warriors and the player formerly known as Steph ‘Baby Ankles’ Curry. And the friend requests will keep pending.


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