Throwing ‘bows

Sitting here in the office and a co-worker and I are listing songs that are always guaranteed to start a fight in a club… and pondering why they happen to be bangers.

Some of the songs we came up with, which started a quick trip down memory lane that includes dancing on tables, dropping it like it’s hot, and in general acting a fool (and this is just me). Funny thing, all the times I used to club hop, people thought I was drunk – Nope. I just like to have  a good time, and if me sober having fun looks like drunk, I shutter to think what me drunk would really look like. Lol!

I can attest when anyone of these songs played, a fight was soon to break out and the club would shut down for the night. Good DJ’s learned not to play these too early in the night or folks would really get mad when they paid $20 to get in the club and it closed in 15 minutes.

Good times. Good times.

  1. How Ya Do Dat – Master P and C-Loc
  2. Bia Bia – Lil Jon
  3. Knuck If You Buck – Crime Mob
  4. Neva Scared – Bonecrusher
  5. Tear the Club Up – Three 6 Mafia (pre Oscar)
  6. You Don’t Want Drama – 8 Ball and  MJG (RIP Pimp C)
  7. Put Yo Hood Up – Lil Jon
  8. U Don’t Know Me – T.I.
  9. Move B*tch – Ludacris f/Mystial and I-20
  10. 10 Hit ‘Em Up – Tupac

Google any of the above at your own risk. (I might be a little bit hype in the office today).


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